What happens when I send my demo to PlaceDis?

Your demo will be evaluated by the A&Rs of PlaceDis; thye will try to understand if and how your work could be managed, and eventually proposed. The Demo might then become a release. Please submit your release here: https://www.hyperhyper.biz/submit-your-track/


What happens when a label receives and listens to my Release/Track?

Some labels do not give any feedback, if there’s no interest to the proposed project PlaceDis will keep you informed in real time.


Can I submit any kind of music production?

Ideally your release should not include any uncleared/sample. In any case if a label accepts a release/track, the producer will deal directly with the label in order to obtain a clearance of the sample/s. PlaceDis policy is to propose Releases and Tracks reporting the presence of samples taken from a library or recorded from non authorized supports. This will give a chance to labels to accept or give up the licensing of the release/track.


How long will it take to listen to my release?

It all depends from the amount of workload we are managing. Some labels check our proposals daily, some others will do it weekly or monthly. Patience. They will take a listen to your release/track as soon as possible,


Can I choose the label where I d like my realease/track to be published?

Chances exist. But both parties, meaning you and the chosen label, should find an agreement. Signing for a label its a partnership and a contract.


What happens if my release/track will not be replied to, by the labels I am interested in, within 30 days?

PlaceDis has a Plane B and a Plane C just for you: your Release/Track will be proposed to alternative labels but always compatible with your sound and close to your genre.


While waiting for answers from Labels can I send my Release/Track to other people or entities?

No. Our service includes international partners with whom we entertain long term relationships and, by signing the agreement with PlaceDis, you give us exclusive mandate of placement for a 4 weeks time. During this period we should be your unique representative in proposing releases/tracks.


Will I have any promotion?

PlaceDis does not engage in any promotion. On the other end , trough our official website and on its social channels PlaceDis will support each Release/Track officially licensed on labels.


With whom will I sign a contract?

The final record deal will be signed directly by yourself with the Label, obviously if and when a Label we contacted accepts your release/track. With PlaceDis you will only sign an exclusive placement agreement for your release/track for a 4 weeks time.


Is PlaceDis a paid Service?

Yes. We are not an automated platform based on algorithms or such, we have only humans dedicated to its workings. You pay a fee to contact, evaluate your release/track and proceed with placement, which is the proposals to the chosen or favorite labels. Only after we reach a placement on a favorite or chosen label or on alternative ones a balance will be paid.


How is the payment procedure?

The payment to PlaceDis is made in two steps: the first its a standard fee; the second only in case of signing a contract.

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